About Sumana Ganguly

Hi There! Being passionate about weaving words to form beautiful expressions, I chose content writing as my

profession too and since then, have been helping brands tell their story in the way that offers them a thriving place in the online world.After having worked for 8 years in the digital marketing world with several reputed organizations, I got the opportunity and decided to establish myself independently in the dynamic field of writing. The roller coaster ride that kicked off continues and enriches me with experiences and exposures that are treasure-worthy, in one word.Today, I help businesses and brands mark their presence in this competitive market with high- quality content that truly achieves result.Here, I am happy to share a few tips, tricks, insights, trends, and information about the world of writing and working as a freelance writer.

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Social Media Copy writing

Copies for the social media channels and networking platforms. You will get advertising and marketing copy writing that communicates your message in an effective, concise and persuasive way. Your audience receives the pertinent information and takes one step up towards becoming a customer from a lead.

Content Writing

Content that is customized for your audience and target market. This includes 500-word blog posts to 2000 word long form articles. All you need to do is communicate your business goals and objectives and be promised with writing that creates an indelible impression on your audience, compelling them to take tangible action, Each content piece that you get, whether it is an SEO article, a web 2.0, a product review or website page, will be unique and incorporated with appropriate keywords.

Writing across Domains and Genres

With years of experience in the industry, I have mastered the art of creating content on practically all genres of writing. You can, therefore, get well-written, informative content on travel, lifestyle, health, fashion, digital marketing, product reviews and the list goes on.